A great app makes your business more efficient


Jericho will validate and improve the accuracy of your data across the enterprise. This is extremely important as employees turn over and reporting results change.The ARC3 platform will not change and the accuracy will remain intact from day one.

Designed for You

Designed with the end user in mind, allowing users to access Jericho easily in the field.

Mobile First

We know reps will be in the field most of the day, which is why Jericho 2.0 is designed for tablet viewing allowing users access to the most important data in one view.

Customize in 1 2 3

The new user interface allows users to configure their own dashboards in order to boost work proficiency.

Data, When You Need It

Export, download & print your reports on the go

How it works

Jericho links with your loan, CMSI, and Defi data to track, manage and report back. Integrated with a Contact Management System, your sales reps will never be out of touch while hitting their goals.


Real time

Data uploaded in real time allowing instant reporting


Data analysis

All data is verified and reconciled in the JeriCloud guaranteeing accruate information.



Jericho 2.0 guarantees to boost your company's efficiency by allowing Reps to set goals and track progress.

Amazing Features

Retina Ready

Designed mobile first for
users to access their results anywhere

Unique Design

Configurable dashboards allowing
for hundreds of unique views

Perfect Pixel

Crisp, clean design allows
minimal clicks to get to your results


No worrying about data being exposed.
Jericho has the highest securtiy standards keeping your information safe


Awesome Screenshots

See what we have been up to over the past year to bring you the absolute best user experience possible. New designs available below.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. All current import routines from lenders, Defi, CMSI and Shaw are integrated seamlessly into Jericho 2.0. SQL queries are written to correclty retrieve and validate your data being imported.
The update will run overnight, allowing for your daily business activities to remain uninterrupted. We usually do this in a two step process.
1) Upload to your UAT site for data validation and testing.
2) Once validation of data is complete, the update will be rolled out compnay wide.
Cost is dependent on the number of users that will be utilizing the application. For pricing information, please contact Jericho Information Technology.
Yes, however it is up to the user to purchase the auto count data. Jericho analyzes your Auto Count data and displays it on Google Maps, allowing you to view your current clients and potential prospect markets you are currently not doing business in.

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